Video: Update 4

In the upcoming demo you will be free to explore a large, open map filled with different types of enemies to fight, spells and items to collect, and even a few easter eggs to find. The map has been made exclusively for this demo to feature our game without spoiling the story. Watch the trailer for it if you haven’t already.



Impressive ! i didn’t know this project but … woaw just woaw ! I’ll follow this closely !


I hate to bother y’all. But do you mind making a video of how to download this game and run it? Downloading it was easy…but running it isn’t so much. Sorry if its simple and i’m just derpy.

Randomowy gościu

Your game is AWESOME! This game has a lots of potential. Great work you did and i think you will do your best to finish this game 😉 By the way i found a bug : evil ponies can walk through columns :/ (I think i didn’t make any mistakes but if i did : my apologies)


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