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With the upcoming video and playable demo, it’s about time we had an update! This means a complete overhaul of the website itself, but also many server optimizations and improved hardware. Along with HorseGame news, I’ll also be posting some more technical dev-blog style content here.

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Character Small


Wagner Jo

could you pls make this game for Ubuntu too the normal linux file doesnt work I where really happy if that is possible


a few things I have to say, first is great job on the game.
my second is this, why not run a “open” source code allowing for people to import their OC, as I see it many people would love this game if that was part of the content. also opening up the ability to use other races (use the other ponies attacks from either a grip in the mouth or as bucking/power stomp for jump attack, give pegisai a longer jump and a hover ability instead of a jump attack) this would open up the want for multi player as to solve different fights with different abilities that are stronger against different mobs.

but hey that’s just if I where making it, good job so far and good luck, I’m looking forward to the next update.


We are planning on adding some character customization eventually, so we might have some version of this working. But it wont be for a while!


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