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Now available for download!




We’re pleased to announce the release of the HorseGame demo! Taking place on the grounds of an abandoned monastery overlooking the pristine coastal waters of Saddle Greccia, the playable area is about the size of a 12-16 player multiplayer map and is packed with a variety of enemies, collectables, and combinable spells to play around with.


Available for Windows, OSX, and Linux, you can find the download for the demo below, and you can also find the gameplay trailer here. We’d like you to keep in mind that this is still an early demo of the game, so what you see here will still be undergoing many changes before the release of the full game.



If you are using Google Chrome, it may try to block the download because Google Chrome is silly. We Pin-key-pie promise that it’s safe! To skip the filter, hit Ctrl-J to open your downloads window and click “Recover Malicious File”







Interested in joining the HorseGame team? We’re currently looking for experienced Unity3D developers and 3D animators. Email ‘contact (at)’ with an example of your work.